Sunday 14 February 2010

Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga helps to link posture and breath together within a series of sequential movements. This process helps to build muscular strength and better flexibility.

Today I tried Flow Yoga for the first time. I have done a little Hatha Yoga in the fall and for the past five weeks have spent my Saturday mornings, including yesterday, doing Ashtanga Yoga. I had no idea what to expect, except that I would likely be bent and twisted in ways that my body does not appreciate.

Katherine led the class and did a good job. I would place Flow yoga halfway between Hatha and Ashtanga for the pace of the movements. It was a good session.

As usual, I would sometimes take a break from a position when my shoulder started to feel stress (two small tears in my right rotator cuff) and sometimes take the less aggressive pose, but I do feel well worked out. Flow does work up a sweat and does cause some cursing.

Next Sunday afternoon I have my first foil competition and will attend this class again beforehand to get my body well stretched out and breathing set.