Saturday 20 February 2010

Alpine Lager

Last weekend, Teena went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to visit her sister, Sarah. She returned home with beer from three different breweries. One of them came home with a bit of a story.

Seems that her mother used to drink Alpine Lager. Teena hated it. Teena hated it so much that she wouldn't even sneak a beer from her mother. She thought it was that bad.

So she brought me home a tall boy!

I looked it up and Alpine is brewed by Moosehead Brewery in New Brunswick, Canada's largest and oldest independent brewery. The brewery was started back in Canada's birthday year 1867 by Susannah Oland and the family still runs the brewery. The first brew put out was Brown October Ale, one of which she was well-known for.

I have been known to put back a Moosehead or two every now and then so was interested in trying the Alpine.

Alpine lager came out in 1937 (original bottle from 1937 pictured). It's a 5% beer, which according to Teena, "I've never met anyone who likes it."

Not the highest praise when I'm about to try my first sip but here I go.

The beer pours very light golden colour, with a head than is more bubbly than foamy. There really is nothing to dislike about this beer. Nothing really to like either. It has a very bland and watery taste, with very little finish. Teena hadn't had one for years and had a taste of this. She thought the same thing. Perhaps the recipe has changed over the years. It is refreshing but then so is water.

If I was at someone's house and they offered me one, I would not turn it down. I would not run out though and grab a dozen on my own.

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Teena in Toronto said...

It was nasty stuff when I was younger!