Sunday 14 June 2009

Bada Bings in Buffalo - Home Away From Home

This weekend, Rick, Malcolm, Sox and I headed on down to Buffalo for a boys' weekend away. We are very good at wandering around and exploring a city and did pretty good with Buffalo. But there was something that always brought us back to one place.

Bada Bing.

Not Bada Bing ... we found a place but we found Bada Bings.

Friday after we arrived, we went in search of a place to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals between Pittsburgh and Detroit. In our search, we ended up at the patio at Bada Bings. Inside was a sports bar setting so we decided to return that night. Bada Bings was jammed for the game which was a thriller with Pittsburgh winning 2-1. Our picture of that night is above.

Saturday we went to the Allentown Art Festival, which is huge. It closes off most of the Allentown area and from there, wound up back at the Bada Bing patio. It has a great idea where a walk-up bar opens onto the patio.

After the ball game that night, we decided to try a few places downtown. Nothing looked as good, though, as our new home Bada Bings, where we sat on the patio on a beautiful and hopping Saturday night.

We did leave for a half an hour to try an Irish Pub, but it wasn't that great so back to Bada Bings it was.

One note ... on our trip in between these two spots, I was called over by a bunch of girls at a patio. They bestowed upon me a trophy saying that yes, I was selected by them as "Hottie of the Night". I have been getting mileage out of that ever since except for one place that had a cover charge, where I argued they should waive the charge for us, as it would be prestigious for them to have the "Hottie of the Night" in attendance at their pub. They disagreed.

That was OK with us. For it was back to Bada Bings!

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Sarah said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed Bada Bings It must have been fun to watch the game on the big screen while sipping on a brewskie. Congrats on getting the hottie award!