Saturday 15 November 2008

David Wilcox at the Diesel Playhouse

Last night Teena and I went to the Diesel Playhouse to see David Wilcox.

Wilcox put on his usual energtic entertaining show. We have seen him play many times and have never been disappointed. He is a master at the guitar and a master at songwriting. He calls his style "Low Down Rock 'n Roll".

It was a great night!

The only disappointment was he never sang Downtown Came Uptown.

How am I fitting this into the theme of this blog?

Should I talk about how in the theater, The Diesel serves beer but in plastic glasses?

No, it wouldn't work.

Do I say how they carried a few Sleeman products? And I had the Sleeman 20, which is OK, but tasted better out of a real glass in the lounge after the show?


How can I fit a great David Wilcox show into into the theme of this blog?

Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite Wilcox songs which he did play:

Cheap Beer Joint

Gimme a cheap beer joint
On the wrong side of town
And all you good time people gather round
Give me a toke out back
With a bouncer named Jack
And then roll me on in and sit right down

Blood on the door
Broken dreams on the floor
Ahh the people ain't always quiet and serene
But if you got the blues tonight
You can make everything all right
Just take me back And let me drift away


And on the day I die
When old man death says,"Hi...
David do you haveany last requests?"
I'll say, "I know a littlespot,
where the music's hot,and,
and I just wanna play my last respects."

Lyrics: Cheap Beer Joint, David Wilcox

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