Monday 28 July 2008

Elora Irish Ale

Alcohol - 5.0
Sugar - 2
Price - 3.95
Size - 650 ml

I am on vacation this week and thought it a great opportunity to sample some local Ontario Beers. The first one I thought was from a scenic little town in southern Ontario which I love to visit.

The beer is Elora Irish Ale and according to the label is brewed by The old Mill Brewery in Elora Ontario. This is actually untrue as the the brewery in Elora was closed a few years ago. This beer is brewed instead by the Trafalgar Ales and Meads Company in Oakville Ontario formally know as the Trafalgar Brewing Company. This is not a fault, as the company chose a great little town to name a line of beer after. There are three beers in this line and I look forward to trying the other two

According to the brewery website: Trafalgar is a craft brewery specializing in uniquely brewed small batches of beer. Founded by Mike and Nancy Arnold and George Hengstman in August 1993. Key to Trafalgar’s success is its ability to successfully brew many different styles of beer. Using batch sizes as small as 10 hectolitres and its unique 1-hectolitre pilot plant, Trafalgar can experiment with different types of malts, hops and beer formulations to create some absolutely amazing beers.

The beer was darker in colour than I expected. The head seemed to disapear rather quicky. I don't usually like a head on a beer but poured one for the picture. I had some camera problems which were quickly solved and found the head nearly disappeared. I had to top up with a smaller head for the shot.

It is supposed to have a "bittersweet" finish. I found the beer very flavourful, but very sweet. Much sweeter than I usually like in a beer. This is not a beer that I would sit down with and have more than one. I bought two, which is the custom when I don't have to try a six pack, and the second one I will save for another day.

I am glad that I bought and tried this beer and it will not be a chore to drink the second. It is just too sweet of a taste for my liking.

I am looking forward to one day trying their Elora ESB (Extra Special Bitter) to see what they can do with that style of brew.

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