Wednesday 2 July 2008

The Beer Cellar

The Beer Cellar

”Toronto's newest gathering place offers over 23 beers from around the world in a smoke free environment. A varied menu provides something for everyone. Sit back, relax and enjoy.”

When I was in London England few years ago, I enjoyed hitting a pub and asking for a pint of something local, a bitter if they had it. There was scarcely a pint that I didn't enjoy.

One thing that I would chuckle about is that if I asked for a bottle or can of particular ale, the barkeep would usually wave his hand at me and exclaim, “ no, no you don’t want that. It has all that air put inside”. Then he would “draw” a pint of their local brew up from the cellar by pump.

When I saw the sign for "The Beer Cellar" on Saturday night, it put me in mind that I would have a great selection of brews to choose from in a London pub style atmosphere.

Imagine our disappointment when Teena and I entered to find a dull, drab place, with no atmosphere, and only 3 beer taps, two of them which served big brewery beer. It was 10PM on a Saturday night and only one table had about 6 customers. It was the table by the window, which when we were outside had given us the illusion that it may be full of Saturday night revelers. We couldn't see inside at the time from the street as the “Cellar” was up some stairs.

There were no servers and only one woman behind the bar. She seemed rather cranky in taking a large order from these, her only customers. We looked and discussed our options and figured that there had to be something better out there in the big city of Toronto better than this barren lifeless place. Even as a chain hotel bar, it was sad.

So we left without a penny spent.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Ha! Definitely a letdown! Needless to say, we won't be back.