Monday 19 May 2008

The Wheat Sheaf

It's a holiday here in Canada but Gord had to work (he has to work two stat holidays every year).

I met him at the Wheat Sheaf for supper and we had half price wings and some Steam Whistle.

The Wheat Sheaf is a fun place! It's more than 160 years old and on a busy corner.

Great place to sit on the patio and have a cold beer in the summer and people-watch!

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays nights they have half price wings.

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DC said...

Wow. That place sounds great and I would love to try Steam Whistle! I'll have to add Toronto on my travel list now! The only part of Canada I've been to is Niagra Falls which is beautiful!! I'll add your blog to my list. I'm going to stroll the Steam Whistle web site now. :)