Saturday 28 January 2012

Restaurant Review - The County General

One Friday night back in November, I stopped in at the County General for a beer and a read. I enjoyed it and, of course, wrote about it.

I told Teena about how enjoyable it was and how I would like to go back for a meal. After seeing a movie today, we did just that. It was just 6:30 when we got there and the place was full. It is a very small and popular place so really it was no surprise. We had thought that the nasty weather might keep some people away.

We were wrong.

We waited about half an hour, unusual for us, but were sitting on a window sill with a glass of sparkling Riesling. So really, we were fine.

We finally got a place at the bar. The bartender who looked after us was nice, efficient and engaging. Most people do not like sitting at the bar to eat. I find it so much better whether having just a drink or eating.

Teena had the burger (Milk Bun, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Pickle and Fries) without the mayo, which she really enjoyed. I had a Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich (Buttermilk Chicken, Milk Bun, Avocado Chutney, Coriander, Green Onion and Fries). I really enjoyed my meal except for the Coriander. Next time I would hold the Coriander.

I am not a ketchup fan but they make their own ... and it has a kick. I am not a ketchup, nor a tomato fan, so this is the first time I have ever dipped my fries in ketchup. The fries were a bit over salted but the ketchup took care of that!

Over the night, we were well looked after and fed well.

Interesting I though was they just did not have the regular liquor. For instance, they had the regular Eldorado 5 year old rum, the 10 year old , 15 year old and 21 year old. They seemed to do this for many of their liquor brands.

I am sure we will be back.

Teena's review is here.

My meal ...

Teena's meal ...

The owner seems to be in love with chickens and is part of the ambiance and charm of the place.

We will be back!

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